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Distance learning llm

Distance learning llm

Опубликовано: 02.06.2017

видео distance learning llm

LLM International Business Law (Distance Learning) at The City Law School

A growing number of LLM programs can be studied by distance learning and online learning, where instructors and students communicate online rather than face to face.  A wide variety of educational media and modes of communication and teaching are used. One of the hallmarks of many distance online learning llm programs is that, via flexible, modular class offerings, students can progress through them at their own pace. Distance online learning programs have a longer duration than their full time equivalents, перейдите сюда http://pokupochka.com.ua/video/4340837-esli-zabyl-parol-superadministratora-na-joomla/. For LLMs, these typically usually last two to five years instead of one year full time. Some distance learning courses require a combination of online and physical communication, where students attend residential sessions.

Why consider an LLM distance/online learning program?

You want to get on

In this increasingly competitive legal world, maintaining a good skills base has never been more important as a way of getting on. A distance online learning program can help you to acquire those professional and transferable skills necessary for career advancement without having to take an enforced break from your legal career. Distance learning can also be a solution if you want to move sideways into a new area of law that requires the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

You have to fit study around your commitments

If you have work and/or family commitments or need to be able to fit your studies around your other commitments, distance learning could be the answer as these courses tend to be highly flexible, allowing participants control over study schedules, to study at a pace and at times best suited to their needs, and to study when and where they choose, as well as how they will be assessed.

You want a wider choice

Distance learning can substantially increase the choice of law courses open to you simply because you are not tied to one location; attendance at a particular campus is often not required. This means you could have law schools around the world to choose from which can be attractive if you don't want to leave your home town, but don't like what's on offer locally.

1. Contact the tutor at a time that is convenient to them (particularly important if they are in a different time zone).

2. Keep to your deadlines.

Studying for an LLM by distance learning

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